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Regarding our funding…

“Be calm and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.” –Gustav Flaubert

Independent films like the Praying the Hours project are often made on a wing and a prayer, as the saying goes, but every production of this size needs a budget and a schedule to move forward responsibly. That’s how to create calm and order in the world of pre-production so that all the “drama” (story and otherwise) ends up on screen.

We’ve created these pages because, in the words of our friend Keri Babbes, “how will we know what you need if you don’t tell us?”

We have spent a good deal of time strategizing equipment, schedule, budgets and financing. We can use help at nearly every level: money, talent, prayer, and sage advice. When we say we need $120K, it’s likely that those are up-front hard costs that we can’t finagle around. Suffice it to say that those of us at the center of this are risking all we have to risk, continuing to move forward in faith, and trusting in the mystery to create its own momentum. To paraphrase Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof: “this is true [we need the money to move forward], and this is true [we are moving forward no matter what], and they can’t both be true. And that is also true!”

There are hard costs (e.g. equipment, airline tickets, insurance) and negotiable costs (e.g. remuneration, travel amenities, food), but everything needs to be done whether it’s paid for or not. What seems to separate the takers from the givers is in the details—are people treated respectfully? Is the work valued and given our all? Is the work worth doing? Independents are used to working for little or deferred pay, but that can’t compromise what ends up on the screen or we’ve all wasted our time. It’s also true that life is short, and we ought to expect to value the communities in which we are privileged to work, and to nurture long-lasting relationships.

That’s what we are after: to love each other and the work so that it communicates love to the audience when it finally reaches them. That is our grander goal, otherwise, a film is just a film.

Thank you for your support!

– Lauralee and the producing team

The hour called VESPERS (played by Beth Castle)

The hour called SEXT (played by David Frere)

Huge thanks from the PTH producing team

Huge thanks from the PTH producing team to Dave Deroos, Stephen Childs, Robert Cruickshank, Ann LaVigna, and Karen Black for contributing!

The hour called COMPLINE (played by Marcia Whitehead)

We are 20% toward our goal of $120,000 t

We are 20% toward our goal of $120,000 to begin production in January. Consider ways in which you can help us reach this by December 31st!

Lauralee and all of us offer huge thanks

Lauralee and all of us offer huge thanks to Staci Armao for her donation to Praying the Hours! http://ow.ly/i/lkZT

Tony Hale thanks to Samuel Ward

Tony Hale thanks to Samuel Ward for being the FIRST donor to the Praying The Hours project! #PTHthankyou http://ow.ly/i/lem4

The hour called VIGILS (played by Timothy V. Murphy)

The hours called LAUDS (played by Karla Droege)

The hour called NONE (played by Aaron Ballard)

The hour called TERCE (played by Elizabeth Montgomery)

The hour called PRIME (played by Tony Hale)


Traveling Man (played by Chris Min)