Burning Heart presents a Lauralee Farrer production


At the left is a tattered brochure for this project that belonged to the director’s mother, who—for more than three years before her death—prayed for us every day.

God knows every independent film group needs someone remembering them in prayer. We had the best.

Prayer and time are mysteries with a thousand layers each. This project is an ambitious one—a feature narrative and eight 30-minute episodes. That’s a lot to take on without formal support. It’s also the kind of project unlikely to appeal to anyone looking for a sure financial risk.

Thankfully, art is made by people, and we are surrounded by some of the best talent that inspiration and passion and meaningful work can rally.

Right now, there are over 30 of us working on a project that has, for many, already gone beyond just another movie.

We’ve carefully crafted a production budget to cover the costs of making a stand-alone “episode” for each of the eight Hours, as well as the footage necessary for the full-length dramatic feature.

Donations through PayPal can be made in any amount, whether it’s $1.27 or $127,000.
PayPal is convenient, but takes a 3% processing fee. Checks may also be mailed to:

Burning Heart Productions
646 North Mar Vista Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106.

Your donation is appreciated and will help to make this project happen on schedule.

If you are interested in more information, contact Lauralee Farrer (lauralee@burningheartproductions.com).

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