Burning Heart presents a Lauralee Farrer production

Glen Hall

Production Design consultant, Praying the Hours project

A native of Toronto, Canada, Glen Hall grew up the son of a carpenter and the grandson of a furniture maker. By working alongside both, he was exposed to the world of building and design at a very young age.

After attending an art college in Rochester, NY, Glen began working as an art director and graphic designer for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. During his three years there he was awarded one district and two local advertising awards for his work in print advertising. In 2000 Glen joined Grey Advertising in New York City where he expanded his work in commercials by art directing both big and small budget commercials for clients such as Panasonic and Hasbro Toys.

In 2003 Glen left the world of advertising and began art directing and production designing music videos, commercials, and short films in both Toronto and New York City. Glen and his family now live in Los Angeles where he continues to work in film and television. His first experience with Burning Heart Productions Director Lauralee Farrer was as production designer for the feature film Not That Funny.

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