Burning Heart presents a Lauralee Farrer production

Matt Webb, Producer

Over the past fifteen years Matt Webb has been a student, teacher, writer, director, producer, actor, missionary, husband, and father. Along with Matt Barber, Webb is the co-writer/director of the award winning short, Weathered, starring Nicole Parker and Tony Hale, as well as numerous music videos. Webb is the assistant director on Not That Funny starring Tony Hale, and is a producer on Praying the Hours, the upcoming feature Regarding the Holidays, and the documentary Pure. Matt is also a founding member of the burgeoning Kinema Commonwealth, a collective of filmmakers dedicated to creating an environment of creative, story-driven filmmaking based on a foundation of respect for people and the art that we practice. Matt is the producer in charge of production scheduling on the Praying the Hours project, is on the project writing team, and is the segment producer for “Compline.”