Burning Heart presents a Lauralee Farrer production

Abe Martinez

Senior Director of Photography, Praying the Hours project

Abraham Martinez is the senior director of photography on the Praying the Hours project, assuring that our team of accomplished cinematographers (including Martina Nagel, Brandon Lippard, Jordan McMahon, and Gregory King) shares a cohesive vision for the project. We will shoot over the next year (2011-12), following the most visual characteristic of the hours—natural light.  The project is a cinematographer’s dream, and Abe is our dream director of photography.

Abe has always loved the art of storytelling through images in the frame.  While watching the movie, The Killing Fields, in secondary school, the desire to integrate travel and photography in an adventurous career began to take shape.

Although based in Los Angeles, Abraham has worked and traveled to over 40 countries. Abraham built his foundation working on many studio feature films in Hollywood as a camera assistant, and has recently emerged as a Director of Photography. He assisted behind the camera on movies such as Flight Plan, Spider-Man 3, and Fast and Furious, to name a few, totaling to over twenty feature films. In between working on studio films, he was able to supplement his experience by assisting renowned commercial Director/DP, Scott Duncan. This decade-long apprenticeship proved to be an invaluable learning experience as Abraham voyaged to over 30 countries, witnessing Duncan lens a diverse range of images, landscapes, and adventures on various commercial and documentary projects. His upbringing within the studio and global setting has equipped Abraham to combine the best of both worlds.

Abraham continues his global picture pursuit and has expanded to varied international terrain in order to deliver his own visual traction on feature films, documentaries and commercials.  Recently, Abraham photographed two independent feature films overseas, in India and Kenya. While on location in Kenya, along with his wife and two boys, Abraham resourcefully produced a children’s show pilot targeting vulnerable children. Working on films has proved more than simply an adventurous career but has triggered a passion to impact culture and shoot compelling stories along the way.