Burning Heart presents a Lauralee Farrer production

Ramsey Robinson


Using the ancient practice of fixed hour prayer observed by the Abrahamic faith traditions, Praying the Hours personifies each hour into a character to tell a story of a 24-hour day. In the feature film, Traveling Man visits with each of eight friends on the day of his accidental death, and—as he crosses over from this life into the next—sees life anew from the perspective of eternity. In the eight short films that expand the project, the story of each hour is told in more detail.

Here, Director Lauralee Farrer comments on the casting of Ramsey Robsinson as the hour called Prime in “The Story of the Rushing Man.”  Prime is the name of the hour of prayer in the Benedictine tradition that marks the start of work.

As evidence of one of the many things I love about Ramsey Robinson, I asked him to give me a few lines of bio material, and here’s what I got:

born on the east coast
left at 19
sex drugs and rock ‘n roll
jesus christ

Ramsey is known among his closest friends as a disciplined, diversified artist. He writes, he paints, he acts and most important, he’s serious about all of them. As an actor, he’s done scene work with the Jeffrey Tambor and Elizabeth Payne workshop, commercial work with Fawnda McMahan, and scene study with Jeff Goldblum and Chris Leibe at Playhouse West. His resume will tell you that among his skills are dialects, various sports, and a level 3 competence in Krav Maga, which inordinately increases my interest in him as a person, in spite of the fact that I have no idea what that means.

He is an eager, responsive, generous actor who is very present when he is working, and always gives me the feeling that there are wires sparking inside him. He brings a natural resonance to the character of Prime, and “the Story of the Rushing Man.” When we cast him originally in a small role elsewhere in the project, several of us bemoaned the fact that we had “wasted” him, since it was clear he was capable of carrying a lead. When the occasion opened up, it should be enough to say that we rewrote our scripts to fit him in a unique way while at the same time he fits perfectly my original vision for the character of Prime.

There is a world of life and story embedded in Ramsey’s understated eight-line biography. It is our privilege in this project to be part of the “etc” that follows so many seasons in a young life already rich with discovery.