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Tim Halligan

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Using the ancient practice of fixed hour prayer observed by the Abrahamic faith traditions, Praying the Hours personifies each hour into a character to tell a story of a 24-hour day. In the feature film, Traveling Man visits with each of eight friends on the day of his accidental death, and—as he crosses over from this life into the next—sees life anew from the perspective of eternity. In the eight short films that expand the project, the story of each hour is told in more detail.

Timothy Halligan portrays the character called Vigils in “The Prayer of the Doubting Believer.”  Vigils is the name of the hour of prayer in the Benedictine tradition that takes place in the dead of night, usually between midnight and 3 a.m.

Tim Halligan is an actor who works in film, television, and regularly on stage (with Shakespeare being a favorite.) “I was attracted to the Praying the Hours project and specifically the Vigils character because of a long-term fascination and respect for the monastic life and its practice of the daily office. I have been greatly enriched over the years by the handful of monastic weekend retreats I have attended. That, combined with the warm creative community producing this film and the company of a great many spirited scholars at the beautiful sanctuary that is Fuller Seminary has made this a real joy for me.”



still photographs by Jordan McMahon