Burning Heart presents a Lauralee Farrer production


DSC03524Vigils, The Prayer of  the Doubting Believer

starring: Timothy Halligan
director: Lauralee Farrer
principal writer: Lauralee Farrer
principal cinematographer: Brandon Lippard

story: Vigils is the name of the hour of prayer in the Benedictine tradition that takes place in the dead of night, usually between midnight and 3 a.m.

The hour of Vigils is a dramatic hour, an hour of danger and of consequence—things happen at this hour that do not happen at other times. The moon is overhead and all things are thrown into shadow, and according to the ancient traditions, the watchman waits for the dawn. The Vigils hours bridge the gap between sleep and sunrise, a dark purgatory where evildoer and intercessor alike find purpose.

story in progress